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Preventing Sexual Violence - Bystander Intervention

The College expects all members of the College community to take reasonable and prudent actions to prevent or stop an act of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct, and provide assistance if an act has occurred. Taking action or providing assistance may include direct intervention, calling law enforcement, or seeking assistance from a person in authority. If someone suspects a friend, acquaintance, or stranger may be in a high risk situation for becoming a victim, is being victimized, or has been victimized, it is important to decide as a bystander whether there is a safe and reasonable way to intervene effectively.


• Remind friends that affirmative consent is required and it is the difference between sex and sexual assault and that someone can be too intoxicated to consent.

• Take the initiative to help friends who aren't thinking clearly from becoming targets of violence (or) take steps to stop a friend who chooses to use violence.

• When possible, prevent an intoxicated friend/person from going to a private location with an acquaintance or friend.


• Let friends engage in activities, such as excessive alcohol/drug consumption, that impedes judgment and that therefore could lead to actions, including sexual advances that are unwelcome and/or endanger the rights, safety, and well-being of others.

• Let friends walk/run alone in secluded areas or at night.

• Leave a friend or acquaintance alone at a party.

• Let friends drink to the point of impairment.

• Place yourself in a vulnerable situation where you are unable to voice consent.