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Opportunities Abound for Criminal Justice Majors

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why Criminal Justice Majors are so Important to Chicago

There is high demand for Criminal Justice Majors in a large, metropolitan city like Chicago. With bigger cities come social problems, such as an increased crime rate. While Chicago is undeniably a world-class city, it does have its share of crime. According to, an aggregator for livable cities in the United States, the overall crime rate in Chicago is 51% higher than the national average. That means there is no shortage of work for Criminal Justice Majors. In fact, Chicago needs Criminal Justice Majors in order to run efficiently.

If you train in Criminal Justice there are many avenues you could pursue: law enforcement, corrections, private security, juvenile justice, and probation and parole to name a few. Also, Chicago-O’Hare, one of the world’s biggest airports, is in Chicago. It takes tons of security personnel and law enforcement to operate it.

Let's Take a Look at the Job Prospects for Law Enforcement

Of the professions mentioned above, let’s focus on law enforcement as an example. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that Chicago has the third-highest level of police officer employment in America. There are 5.8% police officer positions per 1000 jobs. The job growth rate outlook is 7%, which is average.

The Chicago Police Department has 25 branches, one for each district of Chicago. Each of these branches have various roles needed to make it function efficiently; such as investigators, patrol officers and detectives. Consider all of the Criminal Justice related positions that need to be filled in all 25 branches. That is only taking into account the municipal police department alone. This does not include federal, state, or county police forces, which have their own infrastructure and numerous positions that need to be filled as well.

What Does it Take to Get into Law Enforcement (or Any Other Criminal Justice Role)?

Clearly, there are many law enforcement positions that need filling. Now consider what kind of credentials you need if you want to join the law enforcement industry in Chicago. Most police departments require an Associate degree at the very least, or 60 credits in the field of Criminal Justice, in addition to completing police academy in order to be considered for a position. That means having a Criminal Justice Associate degree is vital if you want to go into law enforcement. What about all of those other professions named early on in this article? Scan any job board and the same credentials are requested.

Seeing as the total number of year over year crimes in Chicago has increased by 12%, it is clear that Chicago needs Criminal Justice professionals. They are vital to keeping the peace and stability of the increasingly crime-ridden city. Now is a good time to train and enter the field of criminal justice, as the industry is steadily growing.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door of the Criminal Justice Industry

If Criminal Justice is a field that you can see yourself doing well in, then education is your ‘in’ to get into the industry. Check out MacCormac College’s Criminal Justice Major.

During the Criminal Justice Major you’ll learn:

  • Criminal Justice theory
  • Forensic techniques
  • Ethical issues related to the profession
  • Basic constitutional, criminal and procedural law
  • Criminal justice infrastructure, administration and policy info
  • The relationship between corrections, probation, parole, and the societal goals of criminal justice

Throughout the degree you’ll be armed with the tools that you need to successfully enter the criminal justice profession, so you’ll graduate feeling confident and adept in your new found skills.

If you’re passionate about Criminal Justice, and bringing law and order to the Chicagoland area, then check out MacCormac’s Criminal Justice Program. Enjoy a rewarding career while giving back to your community. Call (312) 922-1884 today