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NCRA 2018 Convention Recap

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) is a professional association designed to enhance the careers of those who capture and convert the spoken word to text. The NCRA Convention is a national meeting where members of the NCRA can exchange ideas and innovations within the profession.  MacCormac College is a proud sponsor of this national event. Dr. Grace Alexis is an esteemed member of the association and is well known for her contributions on the behalf of MacCormac College.

During this past national meeting, Dr. Grace Alexis (Chancellor), Matthew Gawenda (Interim President), Selana Scott (Court Reporting Program Director) and Court Petros (Current Court Reporting Student) attended the event as representatives for our school in New Orleans, LA.  They attended many professional workshops, business meetings, awards luncheons, and the masquerade-gala finale. Our outstanding court reporting student, Court Petros, followed the “student” schedule and met with other court reporting students from all over the world. During the student workshops, Court learned more about the profession, new technologies, test-taking techniques, and heard from court reporting veterans.  On Saturday, during the awards luncheon, Court was honored with a $1,000 scholarship based on his well-honed court reporting abilities, a well-written essay, and recommendations from teachers and employers. He was selected from a large pool of applicants. We are very proud of his outstanding achievement. Here’s what he had to say about the event:

“The NCRA convention in New Orleans was very educational as a student attending the convention. I met with 30 other students who were all at various speeds in court reporting programs across the country. One of the most beneficial sessions was meeting with the NCRA speed contest winners. We were able to speak with some of the fastest writers in the nation and ask their advice on how to write faster, test-taking, and what makes a good court reporter. Attending the conference gave me a chance to network with court reporting agencies and vendors, which allowed me to gain a fuller understanding of the industry. I am excited about the NCRA convention next year in Denver!” – Court Petros

Finally, the masquerade gala event allowed for a little fun and socializing before everyone returned to their requisite states. The event helped promote the MacCormac College name in the Court Reporting world, expose the attendees to cutting edge information, cemented old affiliations, and built new ones.

Thank you NCRA for hosting this wonderful event! We look forward to attending again next year.