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MC Welcomes Local Artist: Anna Khadine

Saturday, August 22, 2015

CHICAGO, IL---MacCormac College is proud to announce that Anna Khadine has been selected as the new  featured artist for MacCormac’s in-house gallery.

The space exhibits art created by local residents so students and faculty can engage with the community. With a student body composed mainly of business and legal associate degree majors, MacCormac is delighted to offer an enriched environment in which they can flourish.

“It is exciting to have your art work shown in an educational establishment because the people there are very open to looking at art work, especially the young people. It gives them exposure looking at art that they might not be that interested in but then it sparks their interest,” the mother of five said.

Since making the leap to Chicago 24 years ago with her American spouse, British-born Khadine has maintained a studio specializing in abstract art. The classically trained artist aims to create captivating pieces that leads the viewer to inquire into the artwork itself.

“Through the tension between form and space on the canvas, my intention is to encourage the viewer to contemplate the visual story laid out in each piece. By piquing their emotions, I invite viewers to consider the meaning within the painting and develop their own interpretations,” Khadine explains.

One of her favorite pieces on display at MacCormac’s in-house gallery is the Sleeping Cat - a more realistic turn for the abstract artist. After coming across a sketch she drew of her pet many years ago, she decided to breathe life into it. It serves as a special reminder of the beloved cat that has since passed.

President Alexis Stephens, said: “We are thrilled that Anna Khadine is exhibiting her art work at out in-house gallery. Art is a key factor to student development and I am confident that our students will benefit from these thought-provoking pieces.”

Khadine kicked off her career at a theatre studio in London, England where she worked behind the scenes on scenery and props. Later, she assumed the position of assistant to an artist specializing in historical sea battles and English landscapes.

Since then, she has exhibited in several group exhibitions in the Chicago area, and held one solo exhibition at the Ethical Humanist Society.