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MacCormac College Volunteers At The 2018 Chicago Marathon

Monday, October 8, 2018

At 5am on a cool and rainy Sunday (October 7, 2018) morning staff and students of every program that MacCormac College has to offer (Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Business Administration, and Court Reporting) gathered to volunteer at the 2018 Chicago Marathon. With coffee or juice in hand, smiles upon faces, and MC gear being worn the MacCormac College family worked together as a team to set up several water tables for the marathon runners. Each table held 4 levels of cups with each level containing over 150 cups each. While the early morning yawns started to fade and music from the State St. DJ started to fill the streets the team felt a surge of energy building. By the time the runners started racing the team was dancing and singing along together as they handed out water to all the marathoners in need.

The highlight of the day was giving water to, cheering on, and congratulating MacCormac College’s Criminal Justice Program Director, Abe Martinez, as he raced passed us on his way to completing the 2018 Chicago Marathon.

After the final racer passed our group handing out water, all of the volunteers came together to help clean the streets of all the empty cups and tables so that our city is as clean as it was when the day started.

All in all this was a great bonding experience for all that volunteered and participated. It felt great working as a team and helping the city!