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How to Graduate College at a Fraction of the Cost!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Earlier this month MacCormac College's Chancellor, Dr. Marnelle Alexis Stevens, was interviewed by Emmit Pierce, a writer for the website The Simple Dollar. During the interview Dr. Alexis Stevens discussed various different topics ranging from the changed mindset of individuals regarding 2-year and community colleges since the 2008 recession, the exploration process in choosing the right college that fits all of your individual needs, how 2-year and community colleges have updated their curriculums to more match those of the 4-year universities, and quite a bit more. All of these topics were in regards to how you can attend the college that best suits you without necessarily needing to break your bank. The smarter you are with your decision process when choosing a college sets you up for future success in your life after you are done receiving your formal education. If you would like to read more about the article you can click here to read the full story.