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Court Reporting Students Attend FDCC Deposition Boot Camp for Real Life Experience Training

Monday, June 19, 2017

On Tuesday, June 13th, several MacCormac College Students went to the Deposition Boot Camp hosted by the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC). The FDCC is the nation’s premier, peer selected defense organization. The Deposition Boot Camp is designed to allow both court reporters and upcoming lawyers to receive hands-on experience by actually doing and learning in a realistic deposition setting.

Going into the experience, some of our MacCormac College Court Reporters (Alyssa Rufus, Rachel Wolfe, Robyn Falasz, and Shannon Dovgin) were both nervous and excited by the idea of finally getting some real life hands-on training.

“Prior to going to the Deposition Boot Camp, I was nervous as I had no prior experience to something like this, but I also knew that I had to take advantage of the event, as it is not an opportunity that we get every day.” Shannon Dovgin, a hopeful fall 2017 graduate stated. “But after going through it, I realized there was nothing to be worried about. Everyone was extremely professional and very polite; the whole event was a really big confidence boost for me.”

At the camp there were three separate rooms with different types of mock depositions taking place. Each of the rooms took the students through very similar yet different types of tasks, just like what can happen in a real deposition. All of the students found the experience very beneficial and helped them to relax and realize that this was a career they can see themselves being in after graduation.

When asked if she would advise anyone else in her position to go try an event like this in the future Shannon stated, “Definitely do it! It is an amazing opportunity and you really have nothing to worry about. It isn’t a real deposition, so it’s better to mess up and ask questions there rather than learning it on the job. You are just there to learn and grow in your career path.”

All in all our Court Reporting students found the event very rewarding and will be looking for other events like this to learn from in the future.