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We would like to introduce our BRAND NEW MACCORMAC COLLEGE APP! This app will be your one-stop-shop for everything MacCormac College (and more). From BlackBoard, RedShelf, and SonisWeb, to the MC Blog, social media pages, event in Chicago, weather, and Google Maps this app has it all! 

 Screenshot_20200130-115852_MacCormac College.jpg

In order to download the app, Android users can simply go into the Google Play Store and search "MacCormac".

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For iPhone users, due to some technical difficulties, you must go to the Apple App Store and search for "Guidebook". Guidebook is the service that MacCormac utilized for building our app and for now they will house the MC App within their very own app until there is a resolution with the technical difficulty with Apple. Once you are in the Guidebook app you must click on the "Find Guides" button in the bottom right half of your screen and search "MacCormac". From there you now have access to the MacCormac College App. 

Once you are in the app we highly encourage everyone to "check-in". By doing this you now have the ability to connect with others within the app. After you connect with an individual within the app you can now message with them. We hope that all MacCormac College students, faculty, and staff utilize this function so that there is an ease of communication amongst our family.

Please feel free to email Adam Hitzeman with any questions or suggestions you might have for the MC App. We look forward to updating the app regularly updating the app so that it becomes the easiest and most extensive tool for you to stay connected with MacCormac College!