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Jobs You Can Get With An Associate Degree In Business Administration

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Earning a degree in business administration is a smart move, because the foundational knowledge and experience you’ll gain prepare you for a range of career opportunities. What’s more, your degree can be the ticket to breaking into almost any industry, as business administration functions like management and human resources span industry lines.

Why Pursue a Business Administration Degree?

Many people pursue careers in business-related fields because they want to be well-compensated for their work. Earning an associate degree in business can help you command a comfortable salary. Having a college degree also generally makes you more employable — whether you want to work for a major company or small business.

Business Administration Careers

Business administration associate degrees can prepare you for many exciting roles, including the following:

  • Office Manager: Busy offices depend on office managers to handle office logistics, paperwork, financial matters, supplies and inventory, and more.
  • Human Resources Professional: Business administration degree-holders often end up working in human resources as recruiters, payroll administrators, benefits specialists, and other roles requiring someone who has the business acumen and education to handle such tasks.
  • Executive Assistant: Your degree could also serve you well in a career as an administrative professional or executive assistant. These professionals manage scheduling, make travel arrangements and provide general support to busy corporate executives. Executive assistants may also supervise other administrative professionals in the office.
  • Sales Manager: In any industry, sales managers are the lifeblood of their companies. Effective sales managers drive new business and help retain existing customers, focusing on marketing and delivering the products and services to customers. Salespeople need excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to think on their feet and adapt to challenges. Business administration degree programs help prepare people for the rigors of sales jobs.
  • Customer Service Professional: Where salespeople are responsible for driving new business for their companies, customer service representatives and supervisors work to serve clients, retain business and generate referrals by providing high-quality customer experiences.
  • Store Manager: Retail stores and restaurants need leaders who can think broadly, managing everything from hiring and training staff to marketing and sales. Candidates who have studied business administration have the educational background needed to understand these concepts and apply them to their everyday work.

These titles represent just some of the potential jobs for which your degree can prepare you.

Earn Your Business Administration Associate Degree From MacCormac College

When you want to work in a business-related job and you are ready to take control of your future, enroll in MacCormac College’s Business Administration Associate of Science degree program. Many of our graduates work in a variety of industries across the country, while others go on to earn their bachelors’ degrees. To learn more, contact us today.