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How To Start Your School Year Right

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Does the start of a new school year put a little pep in your step? Whether you’re a freshman or seasoned student, back-to-school season offers a blank page — an opportunity to make a fresh start or even reinvent yourself. Maybe it’s new school supplies that get you geeked or just your eagerness to get back into an academic routine. Whatever the case, making smart choices during your first few months of school can get you off to a positive start and keep you thriving throughout the year.

Ready to return to the grind? Learn how to start your school year right with these seven back-to-school tips.

  1. Participate in events — The events, mixers and traditions that take place during the beginning of the school year may not all appeal to you. However, going to a few that tickle your fancy can help you connect with the campus community, meet like-minded individuals, develop a sense of school pride and, ultimately, prepare you for academic success.
  2. Devise an efficient note-taking system — From your handwriting style to color-coded topics, note-taking is truly an art form. Creating a personalized and organized note-taking system can make your study sessions more efficient and help you ace your exams. Bring on the highlighters and gel pens.
  3. Get enough sleep — It can be tempting to stay up all night with your roommates, watching reruns of your favorite TV show and eating popcorn. However, making wise choices — such as getting enough sleep — is critical for success. Staying up late to finish projects, binge watch TV shows and attend parties can wreak havoc on your health and grades.
  4. Find your study spots — Scouring on- and off-campus locations for the best nooks and crannies is crucial for cozy and efficient studying. Find a few ideal spots before school begins so you’ll know where to escape for peace and quiet when it’s time to study for your first exam.
  5. Start an exercise routine — College can get hectic, especially as you get acclimated to your new schedule. Starting an exercise routine can help you to blow off steam in a healthy way. Go for a run with a friend or visit your college’s fitness center to relieve stress, increase focus and elevate mood — all of which may help boost your grades.
  6. Ask for help — Commit to working hard. But if you’re struggling with a subject, assignment or paper, seek help by going to your professor’s office hours or a tutoring center instead of allowing yourself to fall behind. Your instructors and counselors are there to help you succeed.
  7. Stay on top of your finances/financial aid — Letting your finances slip can land you in deep water. Take control and be financially smart by creating a budget and sticking to it throughout the semester. Set financial limits to help curb spending and establish an emergency fund. And always know the status of your financial aid package. 

Following these useful back-to-school tips can give you confidence to tackle your studies, keep stress from becoming burnout and help your college year start off on the right foot. Ready to reach your full potential? Contact MacCormac College today to learn more about our on-campus and online degree programs.