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Need A Reason To Pursue A Degree In Criminal Justice? Here Are Five

Monday, February 18, 2019

The field of criminal justice is broad, encompassing a variety of different, but related jobs. Police officers and prison guards often come to mind when people think of criminal justice. While those are popular career options, there are many other opportunities for people with the right skills and training.

Earning an associate degree in criminal justice involves learning foundational knowledge about the law and the legal framework in the United States. Coursework typically covers criminal justice theory, ethics, administration, policy, evidence and much more.

Five Benefits of Earning Your Criminal Justice Degree

Here are five of the many reasons you should consider enrolling in a criminal justice degree program:

  1. You’ll be more employable. There are some criminal justice jobs you can get without a formal degree. However, employers increasingly prefer candidates who have earned degrees. Earning your associate degree (a prospect that typically takes about two years) shows employers you are committed and have discipline that can be invaluable in the criminal justice field.
  2. Opportunity to explore various criminal justice career paths. When you pursue a criminal justice degree, you can go in many directions after graduation. Taking different courses gives you the chance to test the waters of careers, helping you choose a career to which you are well-suited.
  3. Enhance and hone your skills. Your degree program should also provide hands-on training through internship opportunities and real-world classroom examples. These experiences allow you to practice and perfect your skills before applying for full-time work. When you enter the workforce, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you know how to perform the essential tasks of the job.
  4. Gain broad foundational knowledge. Rather than focusing on a specific area of criminal justice, an associate degree gives students exposure to ethical considerations that can impact criminal justice professionals, while helping degree candidates understand how various criminal justice disciplines interact and are interrelated. This broad knowledge base means you will have a better understanding of the field than nondegree-holders.
  5. Play a role in the criminal justice system. Finally, many criminal justice degree-seekers do so because it affords them the opportunity to give back to their communities. They serve a role in making the wheels of justice turn by helping people who need it most.

Choose MacCormac College for Your Criminal Justice Education

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