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Tuition and Costs

Cost of Attending MacCormac College

Direct costs are items that will be charged directly by MacCormac College. They include tuition, semester fees, books, and the CTA Ventra Card (only full time students). The following are estimated costs per year for full-time students (12+ credit hours per semester).

ESTIMATED Direct Costs: Tuition: $12,000
Student Fees: $1,520

Indirect costs have been ESTIMATED based on the average expenses for MacCormac College students. Indirect costs are not payable to the College and are ESTIMATED to assist you in budget planning

ESTMATED Additional Costs: 

  Living with Parent Living Off Campus
Living Expenses: $0 $7,410
Miscellaneous: $1,500 $1,500
Transportation: $1,500 $1,500


Total ESTIMATED Direct and Indirect Costs per year:

Living with Parent: $16,400
Living Off Campus: $23,810