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Dear MacCormac Students,

Welcome to a new semester at MacCormac College. We are looking forward to a great semester this year as we make continuous improvements at the College.  As a part of MacCormac College’s dedication to innovative and technological advancements, we have developed a fast, sustainable way for students to receive their textbooks.

Students will receive an e-book on the first day of class. Please see the short breakdown of both copies and how to receive them.


When:Access will be granted on the first day of class.

Where: A code will be given to you so you can download your e-book on a device or computer. You can get your code from your registration form.

How: Login to, click on “Register a Product” and enter your Code into “Register Your Product” box. Make an account if you don’t already have one. View your textbook and download or read.

What: An e-book that is associated with the account you made in Cengage. You will be able to view it on this website from various sources using the account you created. Remember your account information.MacCormac does not have access to that information.

HELP? – If you need further help, please contact Mr. Gawenda, Kathryn Krischke, the Cengage Representative (1-800-423-0563) or your Program Director for further assistance.

This new program allows you to have the e-textbook for the first day of class. There are many advantages to this program so please read the Frequently Asked Questions to answer any questions. We look forward to having you at MacCormac this semester.

Kathryn Krischke

Program Director of Online Studies