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Course Schedules

The Course Schedule is published before advising and registration begin for each semester. It lists each class being offered, its time, location, instructor (if available), and its unique number—which students must know in order to register. MacCormac College gives you the flexibility to balance college, work and leisure time with day, evening and online courses. MacCormac College students can mix day, evening and online classes in pursuit of their Associate Degree.

Online Courses

MacCormac College’s online courses offer flexibility and convenience – and are taught by the same well-qualified instructors who lead our traditional courses.

Offered Courses

The following links provide a full course listing for the upcoming semester:

Spring 2022 Day and Online Schedule


MacCormac College offers all textbooks through an online e-book and learning platform.

Course Registration

Students can register in person or via e-mail. You can also register online by simply logging onto SonisWeb. However, to be eligible to register, you must meet all outstanding financial obligations. If you need assistance in answering questions and selecting courses you must meet with your program advisor. The Registrar is also available to answer questions regarding registration. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own preparation, deadlines, and adherence to the College Policies.

You can email your completed MC Registration Spring 2022 to the Office of the Registrar at