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MacCormac College Season Of Giving

Announcing MacCormac College's Full Ride Scholarship

MacCormac College's Season of Giving started back in November 15 and will run through January 15. Our largest contribution to giving back to our community will take place in the form of giving full ride scholarships to help change the lives forever of 2 people in need of an education. These scholarships are available to all that choose to apply.

As rewarding as it is in the long run, we all know that going to college can be difficult for anyone, but especially those that don't have the financial means to go to college. That is why we would like to help our community by giving back. We hope that these scholarships will be able to turn the recipient's lives around and provide them a future that is much more fruitful and bright.


This is our way of saying Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy Future Success!


Apply for the Full Ride Scholarship here


Requirements for receving the Full Ride Scholarship:

  • Must apply by January 15, 2017 at the latest (no exceptions will be made)

  • Write a 300 word essay stating why you need this scholarship to go to college and what you plan to do with your education once you graduate

  • Complete the formal admissions application and pre-registration on site to be elligibe 

  • Start during our Spring 2017 classes and finish your Associates Degree within 2 years

    • This means you must be a full time student with us

    • All semesters past the 2 year time frame will not be covered by the scholarship

  • Previously have maintained a 2.5 GPA or higer at your former school (whether it is High School or another College)

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA while attending MacCormac

  • Become a student ambassador and, if you qualify, partake in our federal work study program