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Hear from Professor David Grassi about the Paralegal Club's trip to the Leighton Criminal Court House to watch a trial take place on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

Mock Deposition - Court Reporter

MacCormac College Court Reporting Students Attended the FDCC Deposition Boot Camp this past week to get some real life experience working with professionsal on all the different tasks that can take place during an actual deposition. The value the students took away from this experience was priceless. 

Learn from Chancellor Stephen's visit to WGN on how getting your degree as an adult can improve your life drastically!

A.J. gave a stellar performance at MacCormac College's Learn 2 Laugh Fundraiser

Check out our Learn 2 Laugh Highlight Video to remember the wonderful time and relive the laughter and memories. 

The NCRA has awarded MacCormac College's Court Reporting Program a new grant of recertification to offer court reporting education through January 2022!

street sign: intersection of jobs and educationAfter graduating from MacCormac, our alums can transfer conveniently and successfully to numerous undergraduate colleges. Additionally, over the past 2 years MacCormac has celebrated the fact that our placement rate has been above a 95%!
Claudia Castro
Studying at MacCormac was a very supportive experience and everyone was very helpful. My classmates and I had a lot of fun studying together; we learnt a lot and were a very bonded group. My driving force to succeed was my daughter. At the time I attended MacCormac, my daughter was just a few months old. I wanted to provide her with a better life and be a role model for her.
I loved my time at MacCormac! MC's small size is its best asset as professors can get to know their students personally MacCormac is like a family. Whenever I come through the doors, I am always greeted warmly and I always enter and leave with a smile.
The administration and faculty are really dedicated to helping the students achieve their goals. They are willing to put in extra time for you. My classmates are really supportive as well. I love it here...

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