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On Wednesday, 19 October 2016, Molly King, a practicing paralegal in Chicago and a representative of the Illinois Paralegal Association, spoke to a gathering of MacCormac College members of the Paralegal Studies Club. Prof. Grassi and approximately 20 students were in attendance.

CHICAGO, IL---MacCormac has launched a new Student Leadership Group (SLG) to provide more opportunities for student involvement on campus. Its purpose is to help students grow both professionally and personally by assisting with duties and tasks related to functions put on by various MC departments.

CHICAGO, IL---Michael J. Anderson never dreamt of a career in law enforcement. In fact, it was not until he was backpacking around Europe, already as a qualified accountant and attorney, that the prospect of a career in the organization even entered his mind. 

The MacCormac College Paralegal Club went on a field trip to the Leighton Criminal Courts Building located at 26th street and California Avenue. The club members were in agreement that the trip was well worth the time and provided an interesting insight into the workings of our court system.  

International guest speaker Mama Sow inspired business administration students to pursue a career in international business with a Working and Living Abroad Seminar held in the in the Center for Academic, Personal and Professional Excellence. 

No upcoming events.
I loved my time at MacCormac! MC's small size is its best asset as professors can get to know their students personally MacCormac is like a family. Whenever I come through the doors, I am always greeted warmly and I always enter and leave with a smile.
The administration and faculty are really dedicated to helping the students achieve their goals. They are willing to put in extra time for you. My classmates are really supportive as well. I love it here...

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